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Location Zambia

Flying Mission Zambia serves the people of Zambia from our main base at Chilongolo, just outside Lusaka, which is also home to most of our personnel. It is also our main operational base, where flight scheduling, maintenance, and administrative functions are performed.

Zambia Profile

'Facts & Figures' about Zambia
(from the World Fact Book, November 2013 and UNDP Development Report 2013)

  • In the UN Human Development Index, 162 countries are better off than Zambia; 25 are worse off.
  • 14 million people live here and 46% are under 15 years of age.
  • Life expectancy is 49 years and 11% die before they reach 5 years of age
  • 13.5% of adults are living with HIV/AIDS (6th highest prevalence in the world)
  • More than 77 languages are spoken; English is the official language.
  • Major religions: Christianity 50-75%; Muslim and Hindu 24-49%; indigenous beliefs 1%.
  • GDP per person is US$1,700 and unemployment runs at 14%; 68.5% of Zambians live below the poverty line.

Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, the country was renamed at the time of independence in 1964. Slightly larger than the state of Texas, Zambia has a mild tropical climate. The rainy season from October to April stimulates lush growth.

Heavily dependent on mining, the country suffered a serious downturn in economy when world copper prices fell in the 1980's and 1990's. More recently, the economy has improved as the worldwide demand for copper sent prices soaring and has enable Zambia to rebound quickly from the global economic downturn that started in 2008. A high birth rate, relatively high HIV/AIDS burden, and market distorting agricultural policies have meant that Zambia's economic growth has not dramatically decreased the stubbornly high poverty rate.

Despite high unemployment and poverty, the Zambian people are cheerful and friendly, and highly motivated to do well.