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How to find the FMZ Guesthouse

Contact the Guesthouse

GPS Coordinates

15°29'47"S  28°10'14"E

Directions by Road

From the East

  1. Travel through Lusaka along the Great East Road until you reach the North roundabout, at the north end of Cairo Road.
  2. Turn left onto Cairo Road, then follow the directions as per 'From the North'.

From the North

  1. Travel through central Lusaka along Cairo Road, heading south to the Kafue (South) roundabout.
  2. Go straight through the roundabout, onto Kafue Road.
  3. Follow the Kafue Road for 3km until you come to 2 sets of traffic lights. You will need to be in the right hand lane.
  4. Proceed through the first set of lights. The entrance to Makeni Mall is on your right, and on the left is an Engen garage.
  5. At the second set of lights, turn right into the Makeni Road.
  6. Follow directions below 'From the Makeni Road'.

From the South

  1. As you approach Lusaka from the south, turn left at the first set of traffic lights into the Makeni Road.
  2. Follow directions below 'From the Makeni Road'.

From the West

  1. Travel east along the Mumba / Mongu Road towards Lusaka.
  2. After the satellite dishes on your left at Mwembeshi, look for the large Seed Co factory in a few kilometres also on the left.
  3. Two kms after this factory you will come to a police checkpoint on the left. Turn right onto the dirt road.
  4. Travel approximately 15 kms until you reach the T-junction with an electricity substation on the left corner.
  5. Turn right, follow this road for 1 km, then follow directions 'From the Makeni Road point 3'.

From the Makeni Road

  1. Follow the Makeni Road for 10kms, until you reach the end of the tarred road.
  2. Continue along this road for another 1.6kms until you reach a road on the left, with a signpost to Flying Mission Zambia.
  3. Turn left, and follow this road for another 1.4kms, passing through a cross road with a few market stands, until you see signs for "Chilongolo Airstrip" and Flying Mission Zambia.
  4. Turn left, proceed until you see the gate marked Flying Mission on the left.
    • Day arrival: the gate is open until 6pm.
    • Night arrival or if the gate is closed: call the night guard on +260 965 703 203.
  5. Proceed through the gates, where you will find the parking area on the right.
  6. Enter the black foot gate into the walled compound.
  7. Welcome to "Connections" Guesthouse on the right.