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Our Partners

FMZ operates as a force-multiplier for the gospel, serving those whose work is in the more remote areas of Zambia, as well as the less remote. We aim to facilitate the work of our partners, helping to make them more effective. Just some of our partners, and the work in which they are engaged, are described on this page.

To read more about these partners, place your mouse over the highlighted areas on the map below.

Mukinge Mission, NW Province

Mukinge Hospital was founded by Dr. Bob Foster in the early 1950's to provide medical care for the Kaonde people. It now has 200 beds divided between 7 separate inpatient wards. The hospital cares for an average of 150-160 inpatients and 160-180 outpatients per day. The outpatient department includes general care clinics, as well as clinics for well child care, antenatal care, family planning, tuberculosis, nutrition, surgery, ophthalmology, and STD's. 'Local' patients travel for as much as 5 days on foot/bike to reach the hospital.

The Mukinge Nurses Training College was started in 1958 to train medical assistants. In 1964 this was changed to a ZEN (Zambian Enrolled Nurse) training school. The Nurses Training College has trained has over 700 graduates working throughout Zambia and beyond.

In 2008 Mukinge received a Linknet container which now enables the staff and community to access the world through internet and email facilities.

Macha Mission, Southern Province

Macha is a rural settlement with a vibrant community. Right there in the bush you will find

Baptist Mission of Zambia (IMB)

Baptist Mission of Zambia is of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The board's main objective is to lead individuals to saving faith in Jesus Christ, resulting in church-planting movements among all the peoples of the world.

Baptist missionaries in Zambia work with those who still live with little or no access to the Gospel, people like:

  • The Zambezi Tonga, divided by a dam built for Lake Kariba, number 784,000 in southern Zambia and 142,000 in northern Zimbabwe. The Tonga are receptive to the Gospel but the extreme hot temperatures and the difficulty in reaching this area has kept evangelism at a minimum. Although many Zambezi Tonga say they are Christian, the majority are steeped in witchcraft and animism.
  • The Taabwa people of Northern Zambia and the Congo with 300,000 in both countries. They have registered their first churches among these people this year. Please pray that the Taabwa Bible would be completed soon and made available to so many who have never heard.
  • The Lunda people. They have had the Bible in their language since 1962 and an early missionary presence but still there are very few who have accepted Christ as their Saviour.
  • The Mambwe-Lungu people. Numbering 160,000 in the north-eastern Northern Province of Zambia and 323,000 across the border in Tanzania. Although the New Testament was completed in their language in 1991, still less than one-half of one percent are evangelical Christians.

Pray that God will make a way for these people groups to have access to the Good News!


FlySpec is an established flying medical service. It takes free orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery - and recently prosthetic and orthotic services - principally by air, to disabled people in towns and rural communities all over Zambia where such specialist surgery is not otherwise available.

FlySpec was set up and is run by John Jellis OBE, a British orthopaedic surgeon who lives in Lusaka. John's partner in FlySpec is Goran Jovic, a reconstructive plastic surgeon from Serbia.

Because of our supporting role, we take particular pleasure in seeing our partners being effective in their work in remote places. That is the reason we report special events and milestones taking place on their mission stations and in their personal lives on our Flying Mission News page.