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Logistics or Buy'n'Fly

It has long been the desire of FMZ to provide logistical support to our partners to help them avoid long hours of travel on bad roads in their search for provisions, or to go down 'paper trails'. It has already been happening informally: groceries, machinery parts, lost luggage, mail, money and other (sometimes quite odd) items are purchased or collected, and put on the next plane going to the appropriate destination. It can be a 'life-saver' to people in an organisation who live and work far from populated centres with shopping facilities, and enables them to access such things without having to make a journey of 12 hours (or sometimes more) themselves.

Now this idea is being put onto a more 'official' footing. Dubbed "Buy'n'fly", we are offering to shop for all our partners, and to stand in for them in Government offices, banks and other places where representation is required. We are hopeful that this facility will prove to be another major time saver for our partners. Watch the progress of this service.