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Empowering individuals is core to bringing about a healthy and poverty-free Botswana.  Flying Mission Care Ministries seeks to bring empowerment through provision of specialist training and mentoring programmes that increase knowledge, skills, experience and confidence. Empowered individuals will have increased opportunities for further study and employment and be positive role models for others. We use the following approaches to achieve this:

Specialist Training Provision

Flying Mission Care Ministries seeks to identify and fill training gaps that will enable individuals and organisations to develop, be empowered, and more effectively achieve their goals and objectives. This specialist training may consist of facilitating one-off or short-term training programmes on specific topics run by an expert in that field, or may take the form of an ongoing training programme.

An example of this is our Early Childhood Development (ECD) training (Certificate - Level 3) for pre-school teachers in Botswana. This was started to provide training to voluntary workers from Day Care Centres ministering to HIV and AIDS orphans and vulnerable children but has since been opened up to any day care institutions to fill the general gap for quality pre-school teacher training.


Flying Mission Care Ministries seeks to be intentional about mentoring individuals through its internship programme which accepts individuals with a desire to develop skills in areas where Flying Mission already operates. We provide opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge, practical experience, training, encouragement and spiritual support, and to support them through relevant studies and qualifications where applicable.  

The possibilities for mentoring are varied (e.g. accounting, administration, IT, communications and PR, Early Childhood Development and community development).