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Behaviour Change

Our behaviour change activities help people alter their attitudes and behaviours to bring about positive benefits for health, empowerment and prosperity for them, their communities and the nation. Two approaches are used to achieve this:

Placement of Skilled Volunteers

We place skilled short-term volunteers with partner and associate projects and organisations with the aim of transferring skills and expertise to existing staff through modelling best practice, mentoring and training provision. An example of this would be our placement of a qualified occupational therapist with a school focussing on children with special needs.

Family and Social Issues Skills Development

We facilitate skills development training for organisations, individuals and families to minister to identified needs and lead to positive changes in health (including  HIV and AIDS), empowerment and levels of poverty. Examples of this include alcohol, drugs and HIV and AIDS education and other training that encourages people to make good life decisions.

Facilitation involves identifying the training need, identifying and mobilising appropriate training resources (experts in that field), communicating with potential beneficiaries, facilitating training workshops and seminars, and providing follow-up support to beneficiaries.